Introducing California's First Zero-Emission Farm Box

Since its inception twenty-five years ago, the Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) has allowed farmers and consumers in California to connect with their local farms and experience fresh, locally-grown produce.

However, there has been one 
consistent challenge within this model. Smaller farms, especially those that operate as non-profits, simply do not have the capacity or funding to provide same-day delivery services to their members. Instead, members must come to the farm, or visit a designated drop off point to pick up their weekly CSA. Farms that are fortunate enough to provide delivery must take time out of their own work day to have staff distribute their CSA shares, causing the quality of the crops they produce to drop as a result.

We have the power to improve the CSA Model.


Cowgirl Bike Courier is proud to announce our partnership with Veggielution Community Farm for their Winter Farm Box Season. Together, we will be providing families across the Silicon Valley with access to healthy, sustainable food, by providing zero-emission CSA Farm Box delivery straight to their homes.

By providing Veggielution with affordable and sustainable CSA Farm Box delivery services, Cowgirl Bike Courier not only eliminates the need for pick up locations, but also opens up Farm Box access to a new demographic of members. Those who would not have the time otherwise to come out to the farm or a drop off point are now also able to experience fresh produce each week, courtesy of Veggielution. Also, since Cowgirl Bike Courier relies solely on human-powered transportation, no additional carbon footprint is added to a member’s Farm Box, allowing Veggielution to keep their practices sustainable from farm to table.

Veggielution’s Winter Farm Box Program will begin distribution December 2nd, 2014, and will continue through May 2nd, 2015. Reservations for Farm Boxes are available now, though spaces are limited. Sign up today at

Together, we change the world. One Farm Box at a time.

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