Thank You.

Over the past year, I have been fortunate enough to find myself mentored by the local community and taken under the wings of the greatest minds Silicon Valley has to offer. I have always, always been so grateful for the opportunities that I have been granted by those who chose to believe in me and my work, and now, on the eve of the launch of my own business, I find myself thinking of those who I love and appreciate once more.

These thanks and appreciations are long over due.

To the Local Businesses and Non-Profits:

Veggielution: For giving your local community, including myself, a home where all are welcome.
Be The Change Yoga: For accepting CBC and our mission without a moment of hesitation.
La Dolce Velo: For treating me like I work there, even though I am horrendously under-qualified.
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition: For every time you let me barge into your office unannounced.
San Jose Downtown Association: For all of the help and good will you've shown my business and I in the past month.
Savvy Bike: For taking care of my couriers.
Golden Saddle Cyclery: For reaching out to my fellow co-founder, when his spirits were at their lowest.

To the Messengers of Northern California:

Rick: For showing me the way. CBC would not exist without your guiding hand.
Trevor and Dave: For opening the door and taking the time out of your busy schedules to instill some faith into the dream of a couple of twenty-somethings.
Anton: For setting the example of what it means to be a bike messenger for the rest of us.
Dom: For your hospitality, continued support, and my new favorite t-shirt.

To the friends who have always stuck by my side:

Ashley Wheeler: For always being there, be it my best, and especially my worst.
Corie Carroll: For always standing up for and protecting me.
Leigh Pfeffer: For always having a space for me on your couch.
Mark Medeiros: For the encouragement and love you never cease giving.
Megan Medeiros: I don't even know where to begin with you; you're so damn amazing.
Amie Frisch: For being the best possible point of reference on how to run a successful business and lead a fulfilling life.
Will Chen: For always finding a way to lift my spirits.
Jessie Lett: For burritos and allowing me steal your idea for the IndieGoGo video.
Colleen Hotchkiss: For standing up for CBC since the moment you knew it existed.
Larry Hinh: For stepping up without hesitation.
Adrianne Ngam: For being the most wonderful human being ever.
Lloyd Cha: For being my first, best, and most supportive cycling buddy.
Richard Masoner: For taking the time to introduce me to a world that I still know so little about.
Janet “Ladycat!” LaFleur: For being so welcoming and inviting to someone who still can't offer you anything more than friendship.
Lorri Lown: For being a wonderful teacher and mentor.
Dan McCue: For always leaving the door open.
Diane Solomon: For providing guidance to my troubled teenaged self so many years ago.
Herlinda Aguirre: For helping to clean up CBC's mission statement and put us exactly where we needed to be.
Daniel Burdick: For pointing me in the right direction.
María Gabriela: For every Sunday night.
Annie Trickey: For always keeping me in mind.
Gary Singh: For setting a shining example of what community really is.
Gavin Powell: For being stoked for all the right reasons.
Collin Heyne: For putting up with my shenanigans.
Anne Fisher: For being so inviting every time I barge into your office.
Ryan Smith: For providing change for the rest of us in the most difficult field.
Tanner Marcoida: For keeping our cycling scene thriving.
Everyone involved with San Jose Choral Productions: Because you are my family, and I miss you all so much.

To the Co-Founders:

Teri: For keeping the rest of us in line and making our documents irresistible.
Seth: For taking the time to help me better myself.
Amanda: For stepping into a role that no one else could better fulfill.
Rod: For sticking with this project through thick and thin, without a single complaint or expectation.

To the Cowgirl Bike Courier Launch Team:

I could not have hired a more fantastic launch team. You set the bar beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and I can't wait to be riding by your side in the streets.

To my family:

It seems like it would be a given, but I know my Mother appreciates proper recognition for all the support she's given me all these years. Also to my Grandmother, who might never read this, and yet will always know how much I love her. A special mention to my uncle Andres, who has always been there when I needed him most. And of course, a special thanks to all those I have the pleasure of being related to, and to those who are no longer amongst us to see what we've accomplished.

I miss you everyday Grandpa.

And most importantly, every single individual who has shown support for CBC in any way, shape, or form in the past year. We are nothing without our community, and we can't wait to take care of you as you've taken care of us.

To Cowgirl Bike Courier! On your streets, and always on time!

--Cain Ramirez
Co-Founder and CEO

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