What's New Ladycat!? (Wo~ah, woah, wo~ah!)


Now in its second year, Ladycat! is an alleycat race that empowers women through cycling and engages cyclists of all backgrounds to come together for a day of fun. Inspired by the extremely successful Babes in Bikeland, Ladycat! is a scavenger hunt based alleycat race set in the city of San Jose. While Ladycat! encourages and promotes woman ridership, the event is not exclusionary, and is open to all those who wish to participate.

But what is an Alleycat?

According to Wikipedia:

An alley cat race is an informal bicycle race. Alley cats almost always take place in cities, and are often organized by bicycle messengers. The informality of the organization is matched by the emphasis on taking part, rather than simple competition. For instance, many alleycats present prizes for the last competitor to finish (sometimes known as Dead Fucking Last or DFL).

Alley cats reflect the personality, contemporary environment and competitive interest of their organizer(s). Races may be extremely grueling and designed to eliminate all but the fastest and best overall messenger, or less competitive and designed to be enjoyed by the local messenger community around set holidays, such as NYC's July 4 Alleycat.

For Ladycat!, each participant is given a manifest listing a number of locations and landmarks located in the neighborhoods of San Jose, some of which requiring a task to be accomplished upon arrival. Each individual(or team) will be given four hours to visit as many locations as possible, giving Ladycat! a scavenger hunt theme as opposed to that of a straight bike race. Before the four hours have elapsed, each participant must make their way back to the Finish line as specified on the manifest.

For those who participate, we will be awarding prizes to:

- Highest scoring individual participant.

- Highest scoring team(up to 5 riders per team)

And our personal favorite,

- Dead Fucking Last

As for The Rules: 

Rule No. 1: No harassment/abuse of other participants.

Cowgirl Bike Courier, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, and our sponsors have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment or abuse of any sort. Should you break this rule, not only will you be immediately disqualified from the race, but we will have to ask you to leave the event.

Rule No. 2: You must sign a liability waiver.

Ladycat! is all fun and games, but considering the very nature of the race(riding bicycles), there is a potential for injury. During registration, you will be be presented with a waiver that will require your signature and consent before being allowed to participate. If you are under 18, this waiver will need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian before you are allowed to participate in the race.

Rule No. 3: You must acquire proof of visiting each checkpoint:

Some checkpoints will require a task be completed. Some will not. For the latter, you will require photographic evidence of your physical presence at the checkpoint. We recommend using your phone, but a digital camera will also work in a pinch. If you do not have access to a camera, bring a friend who does and compete together!

Rule No.4: You must transverse from each checkpoint using some means of human powered transportation.

Track bike? Sure. Mountain Bike? Why not! Unicycle? Of course. Skateboard? We won't stop you!

All riders and bicycle types are welcome. Heck, you can even run the whole thing if you want. Just no motorized vehicles please. :)

After the race, be sure to come out to San Pedro Square Market and join us for the Ladycat! award ceremony, as well as helping us in celebrate Cowgirl's One Year Anniversary!

See you on the 29th!

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