Hitting The Road With Osloh Jeans

Earlier this year, Osloh Jeans reached out and offered us the opportunity to test out their flagship product, the Dark Indigo Denim Porteur Jeans. Osloh sent us a pair of both their men’s and women’s cut, which prompted us to call upon bike part reviewer Lydia K of Capitol Courier to help us in constructing this review.

We are delighted to be the first professional bike messengers to put Osloh’s products through the wringer. All other reviews up to this point have been made by bike commuters or bike bloggers, who, while reliable, have been unable to push Osloh’s product to the limit as Lydia and Cain have.

Stiff Upper Lip:

Right off the bat, Lydia and Cain both came to the same conclusion:

Raw denim is stiff. Far more durable and water resistant than their Levi’s counterpart, these jeans are meant to last. There’s no need to wash them after every use, as the coating and material are tailored to be stain and odor resistant. After a few days of work in our Oslohs, they softened up nicely and clung to our bodies like a second skin. After a month of back-to-back shifts, a few cups of spilled coffee, some lingering queso, and a lot of bike grease, the jeans still look (and even smell) like they’re fresh out of the box.

Where do they get all of those wonderful toys?

There are multiple features that allow Osloh to shine as cycling jeans. One of Lydia’s personal  favorites were the adjustable snap side tabs in the waist band - “they allow me a little extra space for my ‘winter figure’ but still let me tighten things up a bit come spring time.”

Cain’s was partial to the snap band on the inside right leg. “I hate rolling up my pant leg. Namely, because if I forget, I end up getting my pant leg dirty and/or caught in my chain. Riding with Osloh made me forget I was wearing pants.

The most interesting feature however is the built in, reinforced, and very lightly lined chamois. Despite the addition, the chamois doesn’t add any extra sag or bulk unlike some other cycling shorts and cutoff denim short combos.

But are they comfortable?

All day, everyday. Durable enough to easily handle messenger work in Wisconsin weather, comfortable enough for the constantly shifting California climate, these jeans are up for any challenge you throw at them. Plus, they made our rears look great.

Which is a necessity for messenger work.

In short, we love these jeans. Three weeks and hundreds of miles later, our jeans are still running strong, with no threat of burnout. As working messengers, we’ve spent more money than we care to admit on replacing cycling jeans that simply don’t last. Like a good bicycle, Osloh jeans are an investment. You pay a bit up front, but like a hand built steel frame, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Lydia Kentowski, Owner/Operator, Capitol Courier
Cain Ramirez, Co-Founder and CEO, Cowgirl Bike Courier

P.S. Check out Lydia's full review on the Capitol Courier blog!

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