Shifting Bike Culture

In the past month, we’ve been granted the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Adonia Lugo and Sarah McCullough on a brand new project: Shifting Bike Culture. The purpose of this blog is to provide a space where anybody can submit a story about a time when they felt excluded in a bike space.

In the words of Dr. Lugo,

These moments of exclusion go a long way toward burning us out and pushing women, people of color, and other Others out of the bike movement. By putting these stories together in one place, we can build our individual moments into a collective voice that guides the development of community-rooted principles for inclusion in bicycling and other urbanist movements. 

One more thing: this is an anonymous submission project, focused on developing collective voice rather than calling out specific individuals or entities who exclude us.

Feel free to share the site with anybody you know who might have a story to tell.

Cain RamirezComment