Bike Messenger Master List

Time and time again, we’re told how the bike messenger industry is in decline, how bike messengers are obsolete in the current age, and how our industry choice does not constitute a “career”.

As a response to these claims, we are compiling a master list consisting of the independently owned bike messenger companies that operate across the world. In doing so, we are proving that our culture is alive and well and helping to strengthen bonds with our colleagues around the world.

This list is far from complete. We’ve heard whispers of more companies in Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle as well. This project will continue to be a work in progress, and we will be updating this source as these companies become known to us.

While this initial list only covers the United States, we look forward to adding the rest of North America as part of Version 2. It is our intention to one day have a complete Master List that reflects all bike messenger companies from across the world. To be included on this Master List we have only two requirements:

  1. All businesses listed must be locally owned and operated small business courier companies that realize and practice the belief...

  2. That it’s all about the bike.

This Master list would not be possible without the help of our friends and mess family from Couriers United. They have been an invaluable resource through the entire process of compiling this Master List, and helped this list develop its purpose as an open source, peer-reviewed project.

We hope that this information goes far in promoting the bike messenger culture in lifestyle in a productive and sustainable manner. Please feel to distribute this map far and wide, as well as host it on your own website. If you would like to contribute or suggest an edit to this list, please submit your suggestions via this form.


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